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Front Page Pic Welcome to the RRPictureArchives.NET contributor site of Tim "Fuzzy" Smith.  

    I am first, foremost and really just a Railfan.  I am not a professional photographer and probably not even a good one, but I do love trains and I do love photographing them.

    If you are looking for professional work I suggest you search for O. Winston Link but if you just want to see trains then maybe my pics will do.

    My pics will primarily be of Norfolk Southern equipment and most of those taken at Pomona Yard in Greensboro, NC but there should also be some pics from the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC and some from the Virgina Transportation Museum in Roanoke, VA which I visited about 15 - 18 years ago and also am planning on re-visiting in the upcoming weeks.  If I can get my scanner to act right you may even get some pics of my trip on the N&W Class J #611 from Greensboro, NC to Roanoke, VA and back.  You will also get to see some pics I took of the old Southern roundhouse in Greensboro, NC (which I had never seen before even though I have lived here for 20+ years and I have driven by it THOUSANDS of times) but don't expect too much as it has been severly vandalized.  I might even throw in a few pics of the renovated Southern Passenger Station in Greensboro, NC and other local railfanning sites also.

    I have been using the railfan guides at frograil and I love them.  These folks do an excellent job and should be given a round of applause by everyone who railfans their covered areas.

    If you have any comments, suggestions or just want to say hello then feel free to email me.

    Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy my pics,

    Tim "Fuzzy" Smith
    Climax, NC

Remember: "
The Southern Serves The South".......thank God I'll ALWAYS be Southern!


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